DIARY: Another good reason to skip the afterwork drinks and go to bed

While a cavernous yawn is usually the product of a prolonged night

of debauchery, sometimes it can be symptomatic of something far more

sinister. Or so an unfortunate planner at WCRS discovered.

Dominic Hall, who'd either had a wild night or was merely illustrating

that common biological reaction to news of an impending client meeting,

was going about his daily business and happened to embark on a

wide-mouthed yawning extravaganza - only to find to his horror that his

chops got stuck in mid-arc.

Quite apart from suffering the indignity of being frozen in this

unfortunate position, poor Hall was left frantically gesticulating at

his ghoulish gurn because no-one had witnessed the unfortunate incident.

Kick a man while he's down, why don't you.

However, once someone had noticed his top Pac-man impression, the help

squad sprang into action. 'Has your jaw locked?' one observer asked, a

tad unnecessarily.

'Everybody keep calm,' the planner screeched, while deciding,

inexplicably, to rub lavender oil into the offending jaw line. 'Somebody

call an ambulance,' shouted the strategists, proving their adeptness at

their job by leaping on to their keypads and firing off questions to the

Net Doctor and Ask Jeeves. Very lateral - but a fat lot of good it did

on this occasion.

Still, the emergency forces came to the rescue, and poor Hall was

bundled into an ambulance and whizzed off to hospital, where much jaw

pushing and pulling ensued to coerce the tightly locked offender back

into place.

Now all's well that ends well - but at least someone looked pleased at

the recent news that Robin Wight is staying as chairman.


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