Diary: Good taste, for a change ...

Cooking for desperate reality wannabes may not be the highlight of any chef's career, but when the Chelsea Catering Company was asked to provide a gourmet meal for the Big Brother contestants in the infamous house - without being detected - the company found itself inside a pressure cooker.

The catering staff had to set up the feast within 30 minutes (they took just 23 minutes) and provide a menu of fillet of beef with purple basil, marinated prawns and crayfish tails and croquembouche with fresh strawberries (a profiterole tower with fresh cream and rich chocolate sauce) for dessert.

Chelsea Events executive chef Veronica Goff said: "We've worked in some inaccessible locations and under severe time constraints, but this was a challenge to beat them all. Series producer Endemol sets a tough agenda for the contestants and they also ensured Chelsea Events operated to the extremes of its abilities - an experience we enjoyed and an interesting success to add to all our CVs."