Diary: Great Guns stops short of exorcism to raise spirits

The future seemed rather bleak for production companies last week when Omnicom announced it was delaying payment to all production companies as well as passing the liability buck.

So what to do if the future of your industry hangs in the balance? Well, seek out some divine inspiration seems as good a bet as any.

After opening an operation in Bangkok, members of Great Guns sought spiritual help from worshippers of Buddha, who carried out a blessing on the company.

The ceremony, which bestows good luck, health and prosperity, involves spraying mantra water and casting mantra powder on all parts of the office.

Perhaps it was all that praying that led Omnicom to back down late last week.

Should a similar problem arise in the East, Great Guns Bangkok has been left with a supply of mantra water to drink, splash or use as body spray when in need of inner peace.