Diary: 'Green' goblin causes eco-chaos at JWT offices

There are a number of organisations, such as Greenpeace, for example, where you'd expect a few militant environmentalists to be policing green issues around the office with a bit too much gusto.

However, you probably wouldn't have thought that a Knightsbridge-based ad agency would have to take steps to deal with a vigilante eco-warrior causing merry hell in the office by going around after hours and turning off all the computers.

But this is precisely what JWT's Green Team (a group of people employed to reduce the agency's carbon footprint) has had to do. Last week, they were forced to send an "all staff e-mail" pleading with the person to stop their nocturnal world-saving shenanigans.

More than 20 people have lost unsaved work because of this eco-revolutionary and have even missed client meetings.