Diary: Grey goes from Hatton Garden to Hollywood

Thrilling, nail-biting action. Not the words you'd usually associate with Grey. But Campaign has learned that the agency's new office, the Johnson Building on Hatton Garden, has recently made an appearance in the blockbuster action flick The Bourne Ultimatum.

Its new digs were used to represent The Guardian's headquarters, whose building just two minutes away was deemed unsuitable.

Who knows, after witnessing the lethal prowess of Matt Damon's character Jason Bourne, maybe the agency's energetic managing director, Chris Hurst, will decide to recreate his fighting moves to knock out the opposition in the agency's next big pitch.

But Grey's brush with fame doesn't end there. It was also approached to have the building featured in a film adaptation of Toby Young's memoir, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People.

However, these plans never came to fruition. Perhaps the agency felt the film's title wouldn't send out the right brand message.