DIARY: Grey man goes out in a blaze of glory with a fierce four- letter finale

A fortnight ago, when Robin Cook received a standing ovation in the House of Commons for delivering what was undoubtedly an elegant, impassioned and rousing resignation speech, MPs from all over the House where heard muttering to themselves: "Why can't he be like this all the time?"

It seems that sometimes people are at their best when they're on their way out. After all, was it not said of King Charles I, the last British king to be beheaded, that "nothing in his life became him like his leaving of it"? I'm pretty sure it was.

In the advertising industry, however, dignified exits aren't always guaranteed, as Grey staff know to their cost. Recently, one disgruntled ad man, who had been cast aside as part of the last wave of redundancies, decided that if had to go, then he wasn't going quietly.

At the end of his leaving do, he staggered his way back into the Grey offices and wrote a stinging e-mail to his former bosses. As Campaign is a family title, we can't reveal the exact nature of this filthy missive. All we can really say is that it accused the Grey bosses of being a bunch of c***s.

There's nothing like slamming a door shut behind you and to ensure that his days at Grey were totally numbered, the gentlemen in question sent the e-mail to the network's global chiefs. Whoops!