Diary: Grey resorts to the barest of necessities with the help of Mendelsohn and a chair

Over the years, agencies have come up with innovative and wacky ways of building morale among staff, but getting the deputy chairman to sit behind a chair naked a la Christine Keeler must be a first.

Diary has got its - admittedly now slightly sweaty - hands on a promo video from Grey that sees the agency trying to (quite literally) sex up its fuddy-duddy image.

Called Inside the Mind of Grey, the video follows the simple formula of taking a camera around the Great Portland Street offices and asking the occupants what they are thinking about.

As staff prepare to reveal their thoughts, the action cuts to "fun, crazy and wacky" images that best describe, in an often shockingly graphic manner, the innermost fantasies of the staff.

There are some nuggets of pure video gold that surface thanks to a couple of slightly unnerving snippets of home-made action.

When the camera asks a male employee what he's thinking about, he shoots a lingering look at the camera, before the action cuts to a sexy Nicola Mendelsohn, sitting behind a chair, resplendent in knee-length black boots, a new hair cut ... and nothing else!

Diary thinks this particular male employee is clearly a man who knows how to ingratiate himself with the boss.

There's yet another moment of blatant brown-nosing when a female employee confesses similar thoughts about the agency's managing director, Chris Hirst. Viewers are then subjected to a slow-motion shot of him sprawling across his desk - thankfully fully clothed.

With this being an ad agency, the rest of the thoughts naturally revolve around money, breasts and sex (in the back seat of a car at one point).

However, there are also a lot of penises - including some stock footage of a number of men flashing their todgers at the camera.

Meanwhile, Dennis the Doorman - a Grey institution - imagines a pair of office lovelies blowing a kiss to the camera and then leaning in for a touching lesbian smooch.

Apologies for the lack of screenshots from this production, but Diary felt some things are best left to readers' imaginations.