Diary: Gum bash nearly unstuck after mistimed message

As we are sure you know by now, Saatchi & Saatchi has launched a branded content division called Gum. For those of you not lucky enough to be invited to the launch party, here's what you missed.

The jury seems to be out still as to whether the calibre of celebrities was high or not. On the one hand, the guys at Saatchis did not resort to rounding up Z-listers of the Jade Goody/Rebecca Loos variety. Hats off to them for that.

However, we are not sure if Lisa I'Anson and the guy who played Anthony the doctor in EastEnders are really OK! front-page cover fodder. On the other hand, there were some real celebrities in attendance - the short-tongued pugilist Chris Eubank, the T4 presenter June Sarpong and the actress Amanda Donohoe, for instance. Then there was the hurdling Welshman Colin Jackson - he might have won more track medals than any other British athlete, but quite why people were literally queuing up to talk to him, we couldn't say.

As it turned out, The Pregnant Man was packed, despite the best efforts of I'Anson to sabotage proceedings - at the start of last week, Saatchis sent out a pre-recorded phone message, in which I'Anson reminded recipients to come to the Gum party "tomorrow night". Unfortunately, many people received this message two days before the party. It just goes to show, you really can't trust celebrities to know what day it is.