Diary: H&S and Maclean: twice the ice, but still not nice

The Maclean Ice Whitening ad from a few years ago looks like it was written by a hungover grad.

You can almost see the thought process as the miserable character dragged himself out from under his desk: (slurp of coffee) ... "Right, Ice Whitening. So, set it somewhere cold. Even better, an ice cave. Brilliant." (Stare into the distance. Bite of bacon sandwich) ... "Soundtrack time. What's that website called again? Oh yes, findanylyrics.com. Enter 'cold' and 'ice'. Bingo: there's a song called Cold as Ice. I'm a genius. This advertising malarky's not so hard after all. Sex, that's what we need now. Let's chuck in some lovely ladies (NB. should have shiny teeth) and a few fellas and they can all start snogging and ... Right, job done. Off to the pub."

No doubt, Grey received a deserved Turkey and a fair bit of ribbing for this lazy effort. So what should surprise us more than somebody apparently using it as their inspiration. The latest Saatchi & Saatchi extravaganza for Head & Shoulders menthol shampoo bears an uncanny resemblance.

We're talking ice cave, canoodling man and woman (NB. shiny-haired) and, you've guessed it, it uses that Cold as Ice soundtrack.