DIARY: Hackers give Microsoft users a 'helping hand'

In this day and age of effortless technology literacy, if you admit to being last in the line when computer skills were handed out, you may as well just get your coat.

So technophobes who decided to bite the bullet and venture online to Microsoft's Help page last week were doubtless unprepared to be rewarded for their covert efforts with a distinctly unhelpful slap in the face.

Certain japesters had outwitted the giant and hacked into the Help page, changing the default system to help the unfortunate 'lamers' who they clearly thought had barely passed the primary stages of evolution.

Our extremely witty individuals pointed out that online prerequisites involved 'the ability to read' and 'basic brain function'. Ouch.

Such rudimentary skills permitting, the browser could then celebrate by moving on to another page. 'I see the light!' screamed one check box, while the others ran to a more dubious 'Not even close' and a dispirited 'I can't read'.

Our irreverent anti-heroes then advised browsers to 'Read the information. If you have problems understanding the information, read it again. Repeat until enlightenment is achieved.'

But with advice on how to apply for employment at McDonald's, perhaps these altruistic hackers were actually selfless individuals out to help after all.

Still, before you rush online to check out the hilarity, certain killjoys have spoiled all the fun by removing the page. A steely 'The page cannot be found' spat through gritted teeth is all that remains.