DIARY: A hairy situation for TBWA staff as adland awaits election fever

After the exciting action that's had the nation's voters reaching

for their Pro Plus in a bid to stay awake, election proceedings finally

came to a head.

But as the nation watches the evening's events unfurling, what were the

chappies behind the politicians' campaigns doing?

In the Labour camp, we hear that Fitzrovia was awash with an alarming

number of Thatcher/Hague moonies as the crazy kids at TBWA/London don

wigs a la the current poster. Quite how Trevor Beattie got those curls

under his is another matter, but we're sure he cut a interesting figure

as he crammed the whole bouncy mass under a helmet to zip between the

agency and the Labour shindig at Millbank.

Tories in Edinburgh (yes, they do exist) could pop down to Yellow M,

which invited people in to watch t'telly over pizza and beers.

Meanwhile, Robert Bean, the chairman of the Liberal Democrat's agency,

Banc, avoided those irritating status meetings by swanning around with

Charles Kennedy all week in the Lib Dem campaign bus.

Bean and his posse of groupies kept a keen eye on events at Pizza on the

Park. It must have been another long night for Bean and co: "They've all

worked so hard - getting up for the 8am press conferences every

morning," moans an agency source in a

creatives-in-work-before-eleven-o'clock revelation.

Everyone was at it. Ask Jeeves hired the disgraced Tory politician Neil

Hamilton and his wife Christine to front the toe-curling stunt "where

can I get pounds 1 million cash for a question?" Does the man have no


And David Sewards, a director at the agency CWG, stood as a candidate

for the UK Independence Party for a seat in Pudsey, Yorkshire -and got

the agency to produce his literature.

Crafty. Still, it sounds as if he's got what it takes; a close source

jokes: "He promises loads, delivers nothing and is full of shit. Which

should make him an ideal politician."