Diary: Hammersmith's loss is Cake lawn rustler's gain

Last month, Cake created an out-sized village green in Trafalgar Square by covering it with more than 2,000 sq ft of turf.

The nifty stunt was for Visit London and was designed to create a buzz around the capital, while making the general populace think about the beautiful towns and villages that can be found just outside London's zone one - such as Wimbledon Village.

However, it seems that the only other greenery outside of the capital that the Cake chief executive, Mike Mathieson, had on his mind that day was his own back garden.

Once the stunt was finished the green- (or should that be light-?) fingered Mathieson took it upon himself to excavate a massive chunk of the turf so that he could lay it in his own back garden.

Now it is fair to say that adlanders are, once in a while, privy to those gifts and added extras that can bring a little luxury to their lives.

But somebody needs to explain to Mathieson that the usual term in this situation is to "feather your own nest" not "turf your own lawn".

And the worst part of this particular example of green recycling? The turf had already been earmarked to be transferred to Bishops Park in Hammersmith (a stone's throw from Campaign Towers) where it was to be planted beneath an avenue of majestic trees near the river - not next to a wheelbarrow and some slabs.