DIARY: Hard-boiled Langdon demonstrates that he is actually a good egg

Ben Langdon may well have a reputation for being something of a hard-nosed businessman but Campaign can now reveal that there is a softer, more caring side to him.

We have long suspected that beneath that no-nonsense exterior there lay a tender, sensitive, poetic creature, with the disposition of a hot chocolate-soaked marshmallow. Well, now we finally have the proof.

Having made Tamara Ingram an offer she couldn't but refuse, Langdon explained her sudden departure from McCann-Erickson to his bewildered agency colleagues in a thoughtful memo. What a thoroughly good egg.

Regarding the new role that Ingram turned down, the memo says: "Tam didn't really want to do this so, not surprisingly, we have decided to call it a day ... I truly wish her well in the future."

Crack. Did you hear that? That was the sound of Langdon's heart breaking.

What will he do now without his buddy "Tam"?

Next week, we'll be looking at an equally sensitive all-staff memo from a boss at ITV, entitled: "Cilla Black's gone! The drinks are on me!" Possibly.