Diary: Harris' attire for Big Bash makes a big impression

Balding 80s pop stars, obscenely large cheques and holes burnt in pockets are a number of memories which will remain in even the most hungover heads after last week's excellent Nabs Big Bash.

But one image that will prevail is that of the outgoing chief executive Kate Harris' curves. One man appeared entranced as Harris used her wiles for the last time to get him to dig deep into his pocket to find his, erm, cash.

The total raised by the evening soared to £820,000. A particularly large wedge came from the media industry, with media owners collectively giving £500,000. Their generosity didn't end there, with many media individuals outbidding everyone in the auction.

The Mail on Sunday's managing director, Stephen Miron, paid £49,000 for a Honda NSX coupe. Steve Auckland, the managing director of Metro, splashed out £10,000 for two Upper Class return flights to Las Vegas, and Mike Anderson, of the Evening Standard, paid £2,350 for a pair of tickets to the Chelsea vs Barcelona game.

The media agencies put on a good show too. Nick Manning, the chief executive of OMD, coughed up £11,500 for two walk-on parts in a Working Title film.