Diary: A head for creativity

Ricardo Figueira, the digital executive creative director at J Walter Thompson London, likes to find activities that he can do with his son that don't involve screens.

Lego heads: could it surpass the loom-band phenomenon?
Lego heads: could it surpass the loom-band phenomenon?

One of their newer hobbies involves putting Lego heads on to pieces of paper and then drawing little bodies for them. The results are rather adorable and Figueira has put the images on to an Instagram profile, where people have begun to share their own Lego-head images.

Musical chairs at AMV

There was a time when your average ad agency treated creatives to their own offices and, in some cases, their own secure wing of the building, with locked doors that forbade entry to pesky account people. These days, open plan’s the thing. But, just when creatives had got used to that seismic (and, some would insist, unproductive) shift, a new trend arrives: the non-department creative department. Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO tried it at its spanking-new HQ on the South Bank, making creativity the "golden thread that joins us all" by sitting creatives next to everybody. But given that the arrangement is already being changed, Diary is not sure it’s going to be a big new trend.

Battle of the boards

Everything’s more fun when it’s a contest. And so it was fortunate that DC Shoes released its home-made "pipe dream" spot, featuring a wave-riding dirt bike, just a couple of days before Lexus’ hoverboard film by CHI & Partners – pitting the two stunts in direct competition with each other. Ever one for democracy, Campaign polled its readers to ask which ad was more impressive. The results were conclusive, with 70 per cent of the vote going to the hoverboard.