Diary: Heads of the industry find feet an A List issue

It all got a little tired and emotional at last week's gathering of the industry greats (that's the Campaign A List party for those of you who didn't get an invite) and Rosie Arnold's brave attempt to calm things down with a tai chi demonstration had very little effect.

Although Sir Martin Sorrell had better things to do than join the crush, his mum was made of sterner stuff, sticking around past the speeches despite having to sit down for most of the night because she had dropped a TV on her foot beforehand. Surely Sir Martin can afford removal men for things like that?

Feet were also an issue for Helen Calcraft, who spent a frantic quarter-of-an-hour asking party stragglers if they had swiped her uncomfortable but very expensive Prada shoes, last seen abandoned in the middle of the room when pain triumphed over style.

Fears that a foot fetishist was on the loose turned out to be unfounded - the culprit was M&C Saatchi's Nick Hurrell, who had "tidied them away" under a table.