Diary: Heap thanks a fig roll for his televised humiliation

Ben Heap, a project manager at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, found out last week how a fig roll, when used in the right situation, can lead to free tickets to a wrestling extravaganza in Boston and a kiss from Paul Daniels' missus, Debbie McGee.

Heap, who was attending the filming of Christian O'Connell's Sky TV show, Sunday Service, decided he would join in at the end of the programme. In a game called Christian's Happy Ending, audience members attempt to bribe the host with objects they have brought in. Suffice to say the biscuit was picked as the winning offering.

Once Heap was informed that he would be flown to Boston to watch the WWE Summerslam show next week, he was promptly forced into a tight Lycra wrestling tunic and given some horrible fake tan to wear. Then, he was asked three questions by McGee, who, once he answered them correctly, rewarded him with a big sloppy kiss.