Diary: Help for Haiti in adland

Agencies were running rings round each other to raise money for Haiti last week.

At midday on Thursday, Bartle Bogle Hegarty started a 7,190 kilometre (the distance between the UK and Haiti) jog/cycle/row-athon. Staffers completed the mileage in shifts on a treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine.

Jon Peppiatt, the vice-chairman, tried to bring some humour to the affair by dressing as one of the 118 118 boys, although his decision to pop out for a fag after finishing his stint was much funnier.

However, the highlight of the event, which raised £17,000, came at 3am when, in a completely unrelated incident (so Pepp claims), a fire alarm went off and the fire brigade arrived and put a few miles in themselves. The incident was in no way linked to the fact BBH are pitching for the London Fire Brigade account, of course.

Another agency doing their bit was JWT London, which raised £1,500 by persuading 60 of its staff to run two laps (or 4.47 miles) around The Serpentine. Among the participants was the chief executive, Guy Hayward.

You would've thought he'd need a good sit down after facing the freezing conditions, but that was far from the case; Hayward actually works standing up and has a special raised desk. According to an insider, "he just works better that way".