Diary: Henry and Tracey cross swords over meerkat spat

How many times have these pages been filled with stories about how some creative director or another may have taken the idea for their latest ad from a piece of art?

Well, for once, Diary can tell you the story from the other side of the fence, thanks to Tracey Emin.

In her bid to create a piece of art good enough to sit on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, she has managed to tread on the toes of TBWA\London's executive creative director, Steve Henry.

Her idea is to have a bunch of meerkats looking towards London, which is somewhat reminiscent of a recent TBWA ad for E.ON.

However, when The Times covered the story, Henry was nothing but flattering, while the angry Emin denied seeing the ad and claimed she "had never been influenced by advertising in her life".

Well, apart from the day in 2005, when she verbally abused Wieden & Kennedy staff for invading the East End.