DIARY: Hewat fails to impress at BBJ with silky skills

While no-one likes sitting through those PowerPoint presentations, sometimes the alternative can be equally harrowing. Just ask BBJ.

As you all know, the media specialist has just merged its TV and radio teams and to celebrate, the head of radio, Tim McCabe, asked various sales points to come on down to his office to deliver a 15-minute presentation illustrating just what they could offer BBJ's newly integrated TV and radio department.

Up stepped Nick Hewat, Capital Radio Group's head of agency sales. He was keen not to bore McCabe with stats, figures and spreadsheets so he did the only logical thing - he shot a home video of himself playing football and hugging a Coca-Cola vending machine (Coke is one of BBJ's biggest clients).

Rumour has it Hewat won't be attending any more presentations.