Diary: HHCL makes clean break and heads to Clerkenwell

It's the end of an era for HHCL/Red Cell. For years, the agency has been quietly tucked away behind the Oxford Street branch of Top Shop.

But not for much longer.

Like Wieden & Kennedy and Mother, its cool creative peers, the agency is sharpening its fins, slackening its denim and moving to a swanky loft-pad in Clerkenwell.

But there is still a little time to serve in the dusty confines of Kent House. And as so often happens when tenants edge towards the end of their lease, the housekeeping has rather gone to pot.

While it is not quite the scene of horror that regularly greets viewers of A Life of Grime, an HHCL/Red Cell insider does admit they have "let it go a little" and are not being very good about pushing the Hoover around.

So it was all hands to the broom cupboard when James Murdoch, one of the agency's more influential clients, announced he was dropping in to catch up with the work they've all been doing on Sky.

Diary wonders if the Channel 4 dust-busters Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie would consider How Clean is Your Agency? when they have finished running their fingers along the picture rails of the nation's houses. Just a thought.