Diary: The high life ends for the founders of Adam & Eve

There are some great perks to be had living the fat-cat agency life - expense accounts and lackeys to do your bidding, to name but two.

Of course, this quasi-pharaoh-like existence can lead to a person losing touch with reality and becoming a little, well, spoilt.

So, for all of you who enjoy seeing people come back to reality with a resounding thump, you need look no further than the founding members of the industry's newest start-up, Adam & Eve.

James Murphy, David Golding, Ben Priest and John Forsyth were definitely used to a pampered life at the top - but they have collectively found that everything they took for granted is now just another stumbling block in a long line of obstacles that need to be navigated when launching a new business.

For example, Golding, who has slipped beautifully into the role of the agency penny pincher, has limited the other members to a food and drink allowance of £10 a day.

However, to prove he is willing to make sacrifices as well, he is bringing in a packed lunch instead of wasting money in sandwich shops.

Another obstacle raised its head when the founders decided they should end a productive day with a drink. Not only did they have to go and buy it themselves, but they also had to scavenge around their temporary offices for a bottle opener.

The agency will share its trials on a blog on Brandrepublic.com/campaign from Monday.