Diary: Hissy fit cushions the blow of B&Q loss

Oh, what agony and ecstasy a big pitch can provoke. And the contest for the £40 million B&Q account was no exception.

First, let's concentrate on the less-than-ecstatic response of Helen Calcraft, the Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy chief executive, who wasn't best pleased to hear from one of the agency's own clients that McCann Erickson had pipped it to the business.

Now Calcraft isn't a woman to take such news lying down. Diary's spy reports that her tantrum was a joy to behold. Storming into the agency's reception area, Calcraft vented her spleen on the B&Q cushions that had been scattered around by hurling them in every direction while cursing in language that would make a docker blush.

She then suggested somebody buy a B&Q barbeque to incinerate the now-unneeded home furnishings. Oh well, you can't say she lacks passion - although contrition comes a bit harder.

"You're going to get me into trouble over this but I really don't care," she tells Diary. "Let's just say I was having a bad hair day. You can't believe what joy is to be had in chucking cushions around." No match, though, for the joy of not having to churn out starburst ads by the bucketful, Diary presumes.

Deep joy at McCann, however, where Chris Macdonald, the chief executive, was called by the client to be told of the win just a few minutes into the summer staff party on the agency's rooftop terrace. Cue a rip-roaring celebration that lasted the best part of 12 hours.