DIARY: Holding on to National Lottery prompts airing of the WCRS top brass

Everyone's got their own way of dealing with the knocks that have

hit the industry of late. Still, WCRS - clearly still on a high after

its close-call retention of the National Lottery - decided to perk up

any flagging spirits in a completely different fashion. Tyrolean

fashion, to be exact.

Yes, some joker managed to talk Stephen Woodford, WCRS's chief

executive, into the bizarre option of inviting an oompah band in to

entertain his troops.

Inexplicably, Golden Square reverberated to the rousing strains of some

Tyrolean music as the moustachioed band members fingered their

instruments and one man - wielding an unfeasibly large tuba - glowered

in the background, evidently wondering just what the hell was going


Still, we all just love those embroidered lederhosen, chaps. Whatever