DIARY: Hours in the pub pay off for Miles Calcraft as AMV are left guessing

The chance to get one over on your former boss is just too juicy an opportunity to miss. So when Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy took a pounds 3,000 table at The Big House homeless charity quiz bash organised by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's chief executive, Andrew Robertson, the most hardened pub-quiz fanatics from the founders' former agency were prized away from their positions by the jukebox to gen up for the fight of their lives.

The evening was organised as part of AMVs bid to raise pounds 500,000 for the homeless charity it runs in conjunction with West London Mission. The target is to get 20 homeless people into sheltered accommodation.

The night's activities were hosted by Nigel Havers, who donated his services free of charge, and played the chivalrous host to perfection. 'He was quite a colourful compere,' the managing director of AMV, Cilla Snowball, admitted of the Daily Mail-reading housewives pin-up. 'He made a fuss of all the attractive ladies who attended.'

Miles Calcraft's killer team, comprising Jeremy Miles, Paul Briginshaw, Malcolm Duffy, Neil Dawson, plus AMV's former head of TV Frank Leiberman, the celebrity Mr.Fix-it Alan Cluer and PA Caroline Aherne, dubbed themselves The Usual Suspects, daubed on the war paint, and prepared for a face-off.

Their opponents numbered those from AMV plus a whole roomful of other entrants. But disaster struck when The Usual Suspects revealed their secret weapon - Helen Calcraft's PA, Jane Medley, known for her lethal film-buff knowledge.

Soon AMV was putty in the hands of the start-up - or should that be upstart.

'Miles Calcraft stormed to victory,' Snowball said through gritted teeth.

So, how the mighty can fall. But with AMV on billings of pounds 399 million, and Miles Calcraft on less than a tenth of that, David hasn't really beaten Goliath just yet.