DIARY: Howell risks the wrath of protesters with only a witty retort for safety

Adland continues to prove it can hold its head up high this week, safe in the knowledge that its charitable streak doesn't just extend to shoving an extra £100 of agency cash behind the bar at Home House.

Yes, industry dignitaries have continued to get involved in the last call for Nabs' May Day Pay Day. After the news that WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell has agreed to forfeit his daily wad, numerous other big names have rushed forward, including Omnicom's Peter Mead and DFGW's chief executive, Michael Finn.

So has Chime's chief executive, Rupert Howell, who showed no fear of heading to a meeting in the City on 1 May in a suit, despite the threat of anti-capitalist protests in London. "I had a great retort planned if I got apprehended,

he says. "It went along the lines of, 'I'm working for free today - my salary's gone to charity'.

Let's hope the response from the pin-striped adman would have cut the mustard.