Diary: Howells' heights hatred means helicopter heave

Oh, the glamour of working in advertising - film shoots in exotic locations, helicopter rides over beautiful scenery ... careers do not get much better.

Unless, of course, you happen to suffer from vertigo and be the only person on an aerial shoot who is small enough to fit into the safety harness.

Well, this is broadly what happened to the diminutive Joshua new-business director, Matthew Howells, on a recent shoot for Swatch in Argentina.

The six-foot two-inch tall cameraman was preparing to take some aerial shots that involved some James Bond-style hanging out of the aircraft, when it transpired that only standard Argentinian-sized (ie. small) safety harnesses were on board. And the only person short enough to use one was Howells, who nobly rose to the challenge despite his poor head for heights.

Unfortunately for him, his courage was not matched by the strength of his stomach. It did not take long for his condition to get the better of him and he vomited all over the floor of the helicopter and his own feet. And there is nothing glamorous about that.

It remains unconfirmed whether Swatch is going to use the vomit as inspiration for its next watchstrap design.