Diary: Humphreys gets huffy with adman contestant

Despite the pitching process being a strenuous nerve-wracking business, often fraught with the stark reality of failure, embarrassment and derision by peers and possible paymasters, at least it's confined to a small number of people.

For a real buttock-clenchingly nerve-wracking situation, it must be difficult to beat sitting in a famous black chair, under a spotlight, in front of a TV camera with one of the toughest TV journalists in the country firing questions at you.

Add to this the constant knowledge, and fear, that at some point in the near future your family, friends, loved-ones and enemies will be able to see every warts-and-all sweaty moment.

This is exactly the situation that Adam Kirby, the business development director at Saatchi & Saatchi, found himself in when he won a place on Mastermind.

Due to be aired in July (so we're not allowed to publish the result, unfortunately), Kirby chose as his specialist subject, the history of Chelsea Football Club from 1970 to the present date.

Now, for those who think that the specialist subjects are becoming a bit populist, the nerd-o-meter was successfully cranked up by one of Kirby's competitors who chose to answer questions on trees of the British Isles.

However, according to Kirby, the most stressful part of the evening was a two-minute grilling by John Humphreys. The supposedly bright and breezy chat, designed to give viewers a little snapshot of what the brain boxes do when not boning up on their general knowledge, got a bit heated when Humphreys took umbrage with Kirby's choice of career.