Diary: Huntington's partying has him dossing down

Times are hard but it's come to something when the top planner at one of the UK's most illustrious ad agencies is having to consider sleeping rough.

It seems that Richard Huntington, the director of strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi, has been dossing down on the floors of colleagues following an unfortunate incident involving his agency mates.

The hapless planner was recently evicted from his one bedroom flat in London after taking around 40 Saatchis staffers back for a party. The booze had run dry at a Saatchis event and, it being 4am, clubs and bars refused admission to the thirsty revellers.

Huntington, keen to continue the party, sourced a ready supply of alcohol and the drinking and dancing advanced well beyond the small hours. Yet this act of kindness received little in the way of thanks from his irate neighbours.

Apparently, this was the last straw for fellow residents and his landlord. Huntington, in an ironic reference to current retail and restaurant-going trends, is now referred to at the agency as the "pop-up planner".

We're sure colleagues, who include the creative partner Paul Silburn, will resort to harsher nicknames unless Huntington stops "popping up" on their sofas. So if anyone has a room for a talented, if thirsty, flatmate, get in touch.