Diary: Hurrell & Dawson office enjoys a world outlook

Since he decided to venture out on his own with Neil Dawson, Nick Hurrell has found it a bit difficult to leave his past behind.

His fledgling concern has found itself some temporary offices in that delightful area of Central London known as Golden Square.

However, as everyone knows, this is the residence of M&C Saatchi - Hurrell's former employees.

"Our office is slightly less grand than theirs," he sighed. "It is a little strange, generally because I get to gaze across the Square and see them looking down on us all day."

However, luckily for him, there's a silver lining to this cloud. The office block Hurrell is in is owned by the company that also runs the Miss World beauty contest.

"We are based on the floor above them," he revealed. "It's a struggle sometimes to put up with it. It's OK when it's normal dress day, but it gets a bit rowdy on swimsuit days."

Despite the team having only just moved into the building, they're being flooded by visitors. Rumours abound that their office Christmas party will be the most sought-after invite in the Yuletide season.