DIARY: I’m only a punter but...

I write in memory of the jingle. May-be I’m just getting old, but in some tribes, old people are listened to.

I write in memory of the jingle. May-be I’m just getting old, but in

some tribes, old people are listened to.

In the golden past, happiness was a cigar called Hamlet, beanz meant

Heinz and Australians didn’t give a XXXX for anything else. Now,

however, all we seem to have is nice art direction, sumptuous images and

wacky special effects.

Where are the repeatable soundbites, the memorable slogans, the timeless

straplines? Where is the ‘Double Diamond works wonders’ of the 90s? The

creative mind behind ‘If you like a lot of chocolate...’ or ‘You can be

sure of Shell’ or ‘Heineken refreshes the parts’ surely can’t have

shrivelled up and died?

No-one can read those lines without a warm glow. They all became part of

advertising culture and even established themselves in the vernacular of

the nation.

OK, so it takes time to establish a slogan or jingle in the minds of the

Great Unwashed. Dave Trott didn’t lodge ‘Hello, Tosh, got a Toshiba?’ in

the collective brain of the man in the street overnight, neither did

Salman Rushdie’s ‘Naughty but nice’ become an instant hit with Joe

Public. Time, repetition, duration of campaign and chunky media spend

all contributed to the fact that they are remembered today.

But what are we going to leave our children? What will consumers in the

year 2020 remember from the advertising of the 90s? The special effects

in the Vauxhall Vectra spot? Tony Kaye’s ball-bearings for Dunlop?

‘Tickle it, you wrigglers’ from Foster’s?

I think not. We’re in danger of bequeathing Ferrero Rocher’s

‘ambassador’s party’ and the distressing Direct Line jingle to

posterity. Oh, and BT’s ‘It’s good to talk’. Scary.

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