DIARY: IAA's director-general post would suit those with thighs of granite

While perusing The Economist recently, Diary was interested to spot an advertisement in the executive focus section for the much sought-after job of director-general of the International Advertising Association.

Curious to see what it takes to fulfil such a high-profile role, Diary read on. 'Strong and charismatic' - er, check. 'Excellent communications skills and follow-up procedures.' Ditto - isn't that what we journalists do every day? Diary starts preening its feathers. Plus 'the position requires extensive international travel'. Bien sur. Things are looking good.

But what's this? 'The IAA also promotes the highest levels of advertising's global role through a variety of thigh impact programmes.' Ah. Diary is not quite sure how this high-brow position warrants such a preoccupation with bodily limb procedures. Either this is a typo or we could be running a story about Rosemary Conley embarking on a job change in the near future.