DIARY: Idea-generation Tank for 'eye-skating' sure ain't Rocket's science

Forget feng shui, the latest buzz surrounding room design has the

catchy name of eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing and is

getting Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen types in a tizz.

The funksters down at the media agency Rocket have adopted the technique

from the US to design their new "space for idea-generation" called The

Tank (cunningly short for "think tank"). The once-lowly meeting room

comprises such "ethereal" features as lenticular printed wallpaper

showing images of the workings of the brain, illuminated with washes of

LED light. Right.

So what's it all about? Mark Holden, Rocket's creative guru, says: "We

have built a space that is designed to maximise eye-skating. Eye-skating

simply means moving your eyes from one side to another in a rhythmic

motion." Er, quite.

Moving your eyes improves creative thinking, apparently, although Holden

concedes that scientists haven't a clue why.

The Tank also includes a reading area complete with a day-bed. Just the

thing after a day's hard eye-skating.