Diary: How to make an impact during work experience

When Sir Martin Sorrell purchased a stake in CHI & Partners last year, rumours abounded that the founding partners had become self-made millionaires overnight.

Now adland is close to finding out not just what the partners, but all CHI's employees as well, are taking home each month.

A mystery hacker gained access to the archive of employee contracts, and in an apparent bid to fight the cause of the little people, sent the information to CHI's entire workforce last Thursday night from a work experience e-mail address.

However, senior forces at CHI were quick to pounce, shutting down the agency's server and deleting all traces of the e-mail. But the hacker wasn't going to be foiled, and a second attempt to send the information from the computer of an account executive was successful.

The result? All CHI staffers (and some folk at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, thanks to a CHI leak) are now fully informed of everyone's salaries, from Johnny Hornby's to the tea lady's. Needless to say, the partners aren't taking the matter lightly, and have called in the boys in blue to catch the culprit.

However, Hornby joked: "The e-mail must have been created as an April fool - everyone at CHI knows we all earn double those salaries."