DIARY: Inge eyes Grossman's and Clemmow covets Moore: job-swaptastic

Some of you may well have dropped your toast butter side down in shock last week when you read about Grey London's chief executive Garry Lace's decision to swap jobs with his Air Miles client, Drew Thomson.

If this was your reaction, we urge you to think again. Job swaps are the way to go - brave, tactically astute and, what's more, they help fill trade mags over silly season.

It's in this spirit that Campaign decided to put the matter to the ad industry. Step forward Tim Delaney. Having originally suggested Sir Martin Sorrell, Alastair Campbell and Lace as people he'd like to swap jobs with, Delaney settled on London's mayor, Ken Livingston.

"I would like to have a crack at London," Delaney said. "Plus it would be nice to see a man of the people running the agency."

Tim's namesake Greg covets Sven-Goran Eriksson's position, because "the press picks the team for you and if it goes wrong, you can just bemoan the lack of decent English players". Delaney also imagined that, as the head of his agency, Eriksson would be able to talk himself eloquently out of a corner when the shit hit the fan.

What about Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's Mary Wear? "After due consideration of common skills, talents, lifestyle and physical attributes, the person so obviously has to be Kylie I wonder why you had to ask," she explains.

Clemmow Hornby Inge's Simon Clemmow claims he would swap with The Daily Telegraph's editor, Charles Moore, while his partner, Charles Inge, would give it all up to be in Loyd Grossman's shoes. Whether he means Grossman the cook, Grossman the breaker and enterer, Grossman the museum buff or Grossman the annoying mid-Atlantic C-lister is unclear.