DIARY: IPA's golfers outshine Ryder Cup winners in exuberant behaviour

Victory was sweet for the Europeans in the Ryder Cup triumph, and in a similarly fiercely contested trophy the Brits saw off their Irish competitors at the annual IPA Golf Society tournament in Killarney, Ireland.

In its first victory for two years, the crack British team, led by the society's president, Andy Bird from D'Arcy, included Chime's Chris Satterthwaite, Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest's Ian Priest, Peter Lovatt from Saatchi & Saatchi, Springer & Jacoby's Crispin Reed and Richard Russell from Wieden & Kennedy.

The two 20-a-side teams battled it out over Friday and Saturday. However, despite the gentlemanly behaviour on the green, such restraint was not exercised on Friday night at the hotel bar.

Although proceedings started well, with Lovatt leading a singsong as he tickled the ivories, the group soon descended into a "chorus" of what was doubtless the kind of grisly caterwauling that usually accompanies 3am drinking binges.

Then, suddenly, in a burst of athletic activity, one inebriated member decided to shed not only his inhibitions but all his clothes, and performed an eye-popping drunken streak right through the hotel bar, clad only in his socks and his birthday suit.

The shock of such a sight didn't go down well with the unassuming hotel staff, and the security boys in blue were promptly called in.

"The security guard didn't find it quite as amusing," an insider giggles, of the disgraced golfer. "The chap was escorted from the bar, and led off to bed. It was the only way they could guarantee he wouldn't do it again."

While some close tour sources remain tight-lipped about the culprit, Satterthwaite's proven penchant for shedding his clothes - he's done it at rugby matches and stag nights - has set the finger pointing squarely at him.

And the streaker wasn't the only one suffering the next day. During the tournament one of the older members was so exhausted from the previous evening's antics that he actually fell asleep while lining up a putt on the sixth green.