Diary: IPA's Pattison tries to be just like Kanye, but ends up doing more of a Madeley

Diary wonders whether or not Moray MacLennan, the IPA's incoming president, chose the 007 theme for last week's President's Ball held at the IPA's headquarters in Belgrave Square.

After all, having been voted into Campaign's Top Ten Best Dressed category in last year's Campaign Annual, we know that the Lewis Collins lookalike enjoys looking suave and sophisticated - and possibly dangerous.

With the drinks trays carrying gold fingers on them, everyone appeared to have a good time - apart from a mildly irritated outgoing IPA president, David Pattison, who was overheard jokingly bemoaning the fact that it was his party and the bar stopped serving at 8:15pm so he couldn't get his hands on any more drink.

Although, it appears that some people may have taken the spy- related theme a little too literally because most of adland's major movers and shakers and chief executives must have attended the party in disguise - as they were nowhere to be seen.

However, with the way in which Pattison said his final farewell, they may well be left kicking themselves for not making an appearance to catch "Puff Pattison's" Richard Madeley-esque cringe rap.

The departing president got the idea to bust some rhymes to try to make the IPA look younger after taking exception to some comments in The Independent (written by the editor of a certain Haymarket-owned industry organ).

So, with the help of his son - who probably has a much deeper knowledge of hip hop culture - he composed a rap and climbed on-stage to drop some lyrical bombs on the unsuspecting crowd.

After donning what has been described as an "Ali G-type hat", he proceeded to rock da house and raise the roof with some machine-gun-style lyrics.

At the time of going to press, Pattison had not been contacted by the rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight about a recording contract and Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z were sleeping soundly in their cribs.