Diary: IPod doctors struggle to restore taste to Burnett

Back in London, there seems to be a musical sickness spreading through the Kensington Village offices of Leo Burnett.

To deal with the problem, two of the agency's finance guys, Phil Atkins and Jamie White, have opened up a surgery, calling themselves the iPod doctors. Anyone with symptoms of "Pod Fever" can send their MP3 players to the doctors who will give a thorough, frank and generally offensive diagnosis.

One of the first people admitted to the clinic with pod problems was the managing director, Paul Lawson, who is always willing to put himself in the firing line.

The doctors' diagnosis went like this: "The patient has done well by continuing to take regular doses of Hot Hot Heat, Graham Coxon, Arcade Fire, The Pixies and Editors, but I really don't want to know what he is doing when listening to I Touch Myself and Gay Bar. There are some areas that not even the qualified will probe."