Diary: Iris ignores sensibilities in new recruitment drive

Not content with placing ads in the ad industry's bible to attract new creative talent, the independent agency iris took its struggle to the streets last week to try to lure some bright new things to its fold.

A van emblazoned with a recruitment ad for the agency kerb-crawled outside the premises of some of London's creative hotspots, including Saatchi & Saatchi, WWAV Rapp Collins and Joshua, in an attempt to snare 20 or more staff to its London ranks.

Iris demonstrated its innovative approach to media with a white van adorned with an ad that read: "Some people think iris is small-fry ... so how come we're on the look-out for 22 new people for our London office?"

Proving that you don't have to spend millions of pounds to get results, their efforts proved more fruitful than those of the average kerb-crawler. More than 100 people showed an interest in working for the agency and left their contact details with the campaign team. Also, since the recruitment drive started, the agency's website has had more than 100,000 visits.

"You'll see us opening more offices around the globe, exploiting the mediocrity of other agencies and attracting the brightest international talent," Helen Wright, the head of people at iris, said.

Thank God for the "mediocrity of other agencies".