Diary: Isobel plumps for some inflatable summer fun

Another summer, another Isobel-branded summer gift. Yes, yes, we know the agency may appear a little desperate for publicity, but not half as desperate as Diary is for stories in the silly season.

Anyway, last year's beach towels were somewhat limiting when it came to fun and games, so the agency has produced a more versatile gift - an Isobel-branded lilo.

First stop, Hyde Park Lido, where the lilos were let loose. Children clambered to get their mitts on the inflatable beds and were seen frolicking around in the water.

Sadly, the fun was halted as an over-zealous lifeguard demanded that lilos be taken out of the water because it was too dangerous.

Next stop, a local swimming pool where the agency devised a competition between a number of lads. The rules were simple; pile as many lilos as possible on top of each other and lie on them. The person who stayed on for the longest was the winner. The current record stands at five lilos for two-and-a-half minutes.