Diary: Isobel's Houlding sells healthy heart on eBay

Paul Houlding, the managing partner at Isobel, last week reinforced advertising's status as one of the country's most creatively entrepreneurial industries.

He also proved that, like most adlanders, he has a keen eye for earning a quick quid (or seven) at the expense of romance.

In the week before Valentine's Day, Houlding was cooking dinner with his wife (peeling potatoes, to be exact) when he came across a spud in the shape of a heart.

But instead of using it as a big romantic gesture, he and his wife decided that the only place for such a unique item was eBay.

So, to gain as much interest as possible, Mrs Houlding went to work, making the tuber look especially appealing, with a little pot of soil and a trowel, while Mr Houlding conjured some loving words to entice those potato-hungry love bugs into buying.

Despite some horrific puns in his copy, including the clanger "has the potential to produce many chips off the old block", Houlding eventually sold his love spud for £7.