Diary: It's a big drag as a call for 'digital ladies' rings out

Glamorous heels and glitzy jewellery are more usually associated with the likes of Tiger Savage, not male creative directors.

But the digital industry's creatives have gone all "Rocky Horror" in a bid to encourage more female creatives to "go digital".

This cross-dressing odyssey was instigated by SheSays, an initiative set up by women in the digital industry to drive more ladies with creative talents into the interactive arena. It has created a series of online films, seeded on YouTube, featuring creative directors such as Dare's Flo Heiss, Work Club's Andy Sandoz, glue London's Seb Royce and Farfar's Nicke Bergstrom all dressed in drag. Log on to www.youtube.com and type in "She Says Flo Heiss" to see for yourself.

Each film begins with the strapline: "We wanted to follow some female creative directors, but we couldn't find any." They then follow a motley crew of digital creatives staggering around in gold stilettos in a club, strutting their stuff in skirts down La Croisette in Cannes and sunbathing in swimming trunks, killer heels and pearl necklaces.

A semi-naked Heiss in swimming trunks and stilettos may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the films serve the purpose of driving people to the SheSays website.

Let's hope this call works so we don't have to endure any more of this cross-dressing foolishness.