Diary: It's a case of deja vu as Asda gets Wood

It may be true that advertising is a young industry, with relatively few grey hairs, leaving a collective industry-wide memory span of around ten years.

It may also be true that no matter how much research clients and marketing departments carry out, consumers remain fickle and unresponsive animals who would probably struggle to remember an ad from two years ago, let alone 20.

Thirdly, it is often said that there has not been a truly original idea in adland since, oh, 1978.

But, taking all of that into account, Fallon has still got to be mad to think people will not be able to remember Bartle Bogle Hegarty already used Victoria Wood in an Asda campaign.

As reported in the pages of Campaign last week, the retailer has chosen the parents' favourite to head up an ad where she will spend a day working in an Asda bakery (remember, this is despite the fact that its head marketer, Rick Bendel, said that retailers shouldn't use celebrities to front their ads).

However, a quiet nod from a trusted Diary source led us to an ad from way back in 1989, where Wood, and her long-time comedy cohort Julie Walters, travel around the world with a shopping trolley uncovering some of Asda's best produce.