DIARY: It's 'giving something back' time as adland idols return to school

A question for all you budding young creatives out there: what would you give to sit at the desk of one of your advertising idols?

Imagine it. You could pretend you commanded a huge workforce of copywriters and art directors. You could pen imaginary meetings with multinational clients into your diary. Hell, you could even just spin around on their chair until you became dizzy.

A handful of lucky advertising whippersnappers were recently handed this opportunity of a lifetime, courtesy of the Miami Ad School Europe. The rookies got the chance see how the likes of Bartle Bogle Hegarty's John Hegarty, Publicis' Dave Droga and BBDO Brazil's Marcello Serpa get things done. They fiddled with their Rolodexes, played with their intercoms and annoyed their secretaries, passed some draft press ads and even fired a couple of unruly junior teams.

Other superstars who became involved with the project included Fallon's Richard Flintham and TBWA's Trevor Beattie and the whole affair even found its way into the Swiss magazine Persoenlich.

However the poor student who'd spent the day with Trev emerged as white as a sheet. When asked what was wrong, he said: "It was terrible. One minute I was feeding Trev's fish, the next minute it was swimming upside down ..."