DIARY: It's a happy ending to Metro's beef with thief

Attentive readers will remember last week we told you the harrowing story of Mootro, the promotional cow.

For those who have forgotten, Mootro belonged to the marketing team at Associated's Metro newspaper. It was due to be used as part of the opening cavalcade at the Edinburgh Festival.

However, the poor cow was denied its date with destiny by some light-fingered Scots.

In a panic, Metro offered a £250 reward for any information that led to the discovery of the plastic animal.

Well, stop the press. Mootro has been found. Hoorah! It was discovered at a special needs school in Leith. The thieves had evidently tossed it over the wall.

True to their word, the good folk at Metro handed the school the £250 reward. Now how's that for a happy ending?