Diary: It's near-murder on the dancefloor at BTAA night

Compassion fatigue can do strange things to you. So spare a thought for those good people at the BACC - a life spent sifting through advertising ordure and doling out tough love to an uninterested industry can't be good for you and, if an outburst at last week's British Television Advertising Awards is anything to go by, could be causing serious mental strain.

BTAA nights are never marked by temperance, forbearance or fortitude, but even the unflappable Diary was a little shocked by the exuberance with which the BACC table greeted a commercial depicting the death of a schoolgirl under the wheels of a speeding car.

M&C Saatchi's road-safety spot - the story of a young girl killed before she had a chance to live - had finished playing as part of Danny Kleinman's Chairman's Award-winning reel. There followed a hush as the crowd took in the final frames. And then, from the BACC table, a caustic cry of "she had it coming", followed by a ripple of nervous laughter.

Possibly stung by the perhaps affectionate boos that greeted Ron Coomber, the BACC head, as he took the stage, one stiletto-heeled BACC assassin took her spike to TBWA\London's Bil Bungay's foot in dancefloor retribution.

If any readers know of a gentleman's outfitter able to supply steel toe-capped evening shoes, Diary promises to pass the details on to the recovering Bungay.