DIARY: It's street life for Cindy

It's never nice to be left out in the cold, but we hear that this is exactly what happened to New York Bartle Bogle Hegarty chief executive Cindy Gallop, when she invited a brace of clients to a meeting in the exclusive Royalton Hotel bar.

The Royalton, located in midtown Manhattan, is that desirable hotspot owned by Ian Schrager, who also runs London's swanky Sanderson Hotel.

Apparently, Schrager had gone sour on the prospect of having a hoard of marketing types take over his high-brow watering hole and decided to allow other guests in that night. The fact that one of these other guests was the rapper Puff Daddy might have had something to do with it.

Due to a combination of overcrowding and overzealous bouncers (is there any other kind?), Gallop and her valuable clients were apparently left out on the street, a situation that left Gallop threatening legal action.