DIARY: It's a wonderful life at St Luke's, and safe too

Despite what you might think, Campaign doesn't enjoy watching agencies having a sticky time of things, and we're genuinely sad at the recent problems at St Luke's.

Nevertheless, Campaign can still find it funny how things can come back to haunt you. Andy Law may well be wishing that the brochure for the European Conference on Customer Management had been rewritten slightly before it became available.

It features a section on Law and St Luke's, which is entitled: "Creating the most frightening company on Earth."

Beneath a picture of Law, it reads: "St Luke's pursues its goal by carefully managing a paradox: it pushes its people to take enormous risks, but it has built a working environment that feels as safe to its employees as, say, a small-town bank in the 50s." We're sure Law will testify to that.