Diary: ITV in new phone drama. Of all the Cupid Stunts ..

ITV proved it was top of the pops after retaining its Nabs' music-themed quiz night title.

The quiz, hosted by the Heart 106.2 DJ Toby Anstis, saw 26 teams fight it out for the coveted prize. However, none came close to ITV, with some - CHI & Partners' "Clammy Horny Intellectuals", Publicis' "Cupid Stunts" and Group M's "We Thought it was a Disco!" - clearly spending most of their energy trying to concoct more amusing team names than that of the defending champions' "Defending Champions".

However, controversy marred ITV's success, with sources at the quiz informing Diary that the victorious team were logging on to Google from their mobiles and texting Any Question Answered.

You'd think that ITV would have learnt the dangers of using phones for competitions by now.