DIARY: ITV refuses to take bite from hand that feeds

The creation of the new ITV has led to the biggest cull of dinosaurs since a meteorite hit the Earth at some time during the Pleistocene, and about time too.

But, given their performance at Unilever's media controller Edwin Sharpe's annual shindig, it seems the sprightly young band who have taken over the sales department seems to have forgotten who is paying their bar bills.

It wasn't that they turned up, slurped soup and embarrassed themselves with their eating habits that galled Sharpe, it was the fact they didn't turn up at all.

As they sat down to start the festivities, Sharpe asked for a show of hands and what made the absence even more glaring was that out of the 48 assembled guests, 31 of them had at some point worked for an ITV company.

However, when Sharpe went on to ask how many lunchers currently worked for ITV not a single hand went into the air.

We applaud the dedication of the new occupants of 200 Gray's Inn Road, but felt it was necessary to remind ITV that Unilever is, of course, its biggest-spending client.